Why You Need Online Presence for Your Business/Project!

For a business, online presence is the collective existence of a business that is found via the internet using various online searches.  Having a presence online can be achieved in various ways which include web development, social media management, video content creation, and the use of any www medium that helps to project your work or business on the internet.  Now let me introduce you properly to web development.  So, what’s it?

Web development is the creation and development of websites. It is the compilation of a brand’s objectives, logo, reviews, FAQs, design, terms and conditions, privacy policies, etc.  Basically, it is a medium to promote the visibility and accessibility of a brand.

The website can be likened to a home where every member of the family goes to rest after a long day and this is because after searchers have spent a whole lot of time searching for brands to satisfy their quest, they finally fold into any recommendation from the search engines.

The process of developing a website involves a combined effort of different creatives ranging from the front-end developer, the back-end developer, the full stack developer, the content developer etc.

It can also be compared to a physical residential building. It houses the services a brand offers, makes her visible to her audience and gives opportunities for interaction.

The importance of a website cannot be overemphasized as it has become a basic necessity in the present-day marketing process of a brand. 

With a domain name and SEO enhanced contents, a brand with a website can be suggested to searchers who need services within its scope.  As discussed in the previous blog post, the web is a function of a domain name (Address) and web hosting(contents).

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