Imagine The Wedding Party Was Your Business.

    Aunty Rolake was finally getting married after scorning from Neighbours, warnings from family members and relentless match making from friends.

   The entire community was excited about the long awaited breakthrough and somehow every member of the community wanted to be a part of her success story.

  Grandma soon began going from one house to the other sharing invites and selling the clothing for the event.  It is going to be massive, she said bragging when she arrived back home.  As you imagined, every member of  the family too bragged about the much anticipated event at every opportunity they got.

   It was finally the D_day and the entire community had employed the service of a commercial driver to convey them to the location.  Subsequently, the driver requested that he sees the invite to know the venue of the event.

     Aunty Rolake must have forgotten to instruct whoever printed the invite to include the venue or the neighbours must have been too excited to notice the fault in the invite. Whichever way, they had to talk the driver into driving them to any hall in the community to see if they would find the one they were looking for.

   Mama on the other end had prepared greatly for the of her guest and this she had also done deliberately to prove to the entire community that her Rolake was marrying a big man. You must have reached the conclusion that her effort was futile, yeah?

  After travelling the whole town, they decided to finally stop trying . Afterall, if our presence was needed they would have ensured that the invite contained the address, Mama Peju who happened to be the community gossip announced and  every one of them had to walk back angrily  to their house.

   In similitude to what Grandma did, could it be that all  the while you  have been making a research into your market and audiences and all efforts have been futile?  How about considering a medium of not just distributing invites but ensuring that your audience gets rightly directed to your marketplace where they get the right information about your offerings thereby getting the satisfaction they crave?

   Have you ever thought about building a website for your much loved business, are you aware that to have a website, you need a Domain and a hosting plan to house your web pages – then you can boast of having a website. Just to let you know (if you already do not know this) your Domain is the address to your website. It is the part of the invite/ Marketing that determines if your audiences access your website or not.  Sometimes, in our business, just like Mama, we are sometimes greatly prepared for the business transactions to come but with no customers showing up.

   In similitude to the wedding party, what made the community members not walk into the random halls they saw on the way is the fact that not having a clear direction made it difficult to identify the much anticipated Aunty Rolake‚Äôs wedding – they do not have an address to identify the destination. A web hosting (also known as a server) is the destination for your web contents. It is where all the files in your website live.  Think about a landing page is a web page hosted somewhere to direct your audience to enjoy your products or have information about your services to enjoy desired satisfaction.

Without following a proper process of setting up a website for your business, it will be impossible for people to find your website and interact with your business for the maximum profit you desire.  We at MVC Communications CAN HELP YOU with your website needs, visit our CONTACT PAGE now to reach out to us.  Want to learn more about our various services? Go right now to

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