Kanyin walks past a store and sees a red dress wooing her but she descides to look away. She was not going to buy anything on impulse after all the scarcity she experienced a week  before.

  This red dress will not just yield and Kanyin was resolute about not indulging its resistance either. I am not going to settle, she said as she took a few step away from the store. But no, this dress needs me, she finally broke her walls.

  Just as you imagined, she walked in to purchase this dress with some logical explanations, nobody would want to agree to be vulnerable afterall.

    Kanyin is reckless, yeah? Oh, the store owner should probably have hidden a dress as appealing as that in the interest of vulnerable persons like Kanyin, yeah?

   Well, like Kanyin, you can make users of divergent search engines like  Google, Yahoo, Chrome, e.t.c. drool over your brand over time and again. You can break down their walls by ensuring that your products or services appeal to them by maximally using these search engines.

   SEO is a valuable way to understand and reach customers. It increases engagements, traffic and conversions. It basically optimizes a brand’s digital properties for a specific vicinity.

 SEO is the heart that makes your brand live.  Just like the red dress, it is your appeal to your audience.

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