PORTFOLIO: E-Library Setup


The KCOBs and the Kings College, Lagos on November 7, 2023 celebrated the Ighodalo Foundation and Triune Foundation for the modernization of the school’s library, thanking the God-servant, nation builder and philanthropist– Pastor Ituah Olajide Ighodalo, a member of the Kings College Old Boys (KCOB), for his efforts at boosting the quality of education in the country, and most especially the effort to continually give back through his alma mater.

Mr. Andrew Agada, the school Principal expressed his joy and gratitude for the amazing work done during the commissioning of the modernized library; a project that was undertaken to commemorate the 2023 September International Literacy Day, under the theme ‘PROMOTING LITERACY FOR A WORLD IN TRANSITION: Building The Foundation For Sustainable And Peaceful Societies.  The bulk of work done include the redecoration of the whole library, procuring new ACs, book shelves, chairs, tables, internet, fixing the lights, painting the library, repainting all reading desks and some old book shelves, and most importantly creating a standard digital library furnished with apple computers and more.

Pastor Ighodalo in his engagement with the students’ representatives, during the commissioning, encouraged them to be diligent students and also charged them to make very good use of the library to research and seek information to expand their knowledge from time to time, and to get ready for the many benefits that the modernization of the library will open them to (one of which is a free information technology training sessions that will be delivered to them periodically by MyDreamConnect).  He encouraged them to be mindful of their ways, be selfless and focus on becomingd excellent leaders and nation builders.

Present at the commissioning were Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, Mr. Jani Ibrahim (Chairman, SBMC), Mr. Agada A. A. (School Principal, Mrs. Okafor U. A. (FME Rep.), Mr. Ameh S. A. (PTA Chairman), Mr. Ishola O. A. (DPO Rep), Mr. Maiyegun Y. O. (LGEA Rep.), Mr. Ozobialu O. (PTA Treasurer), Mr. Hassan J.S. (VP Admin), other Vice Principals, members of staff, students and guests.

The modernization and redecoration of the library was facilitated and delivered by the MyDreamConnect team of MVC Communications Limited.